Your Complete House Moving Checklist For 2021

Your Complete House Moving Checklist For 2021

Jan 12, 2021

Moving without planning and being proactive is chaotic, stressful, and challenging especially when the pandemic threat is not over. Whether you are moving for the first time or you have moved multiple times, having a checklist to streamline your tasks and complete them on time is necessary.

A checklist helps you sort tasks according to urgency/importance and get things done such as packing, changing, booking removalists in Melbourne and much more quickly. If you have never used one before and don’t know how it works, then here is a complete house moving checklist for 2021. Have a look.

Things to do at least a Month before Moving

Listed below are tasks you need to complete six to four weeks before moving out of your rented real estate.

• Declutter the house and segregate property contents into four categories – keep, discard, donate and resell.
• After decluttering, start the process of packing things from the least used to the most used. Even if you plan to hire professional removalists in Melbourne, there may be some things you want to pack yourself like heirlooms, jewellery, important documents etc.
• Gather packing supplies you will need for wrapping things to take to the new home or send somewhere else. Essential supplies to have for packing include corrugated boxes of different sizes and shapes, packing tape, bubble and foam wraps, labels, etc.
• Ask for free quotes for end-of-lease cleaning from a reputed bond cleaning company in Melbourne.
• Get estimates for packing and moving services from reliable removalists in Melbourne.
• Ensure all repairs and maintenance work is done at least one-two weeks before the moving day.
• Start and complete procedures for changing address, securing insurances, updating/discontinuing utilities and inform concerned government authorities about your move.
• Arrange enrolment and migration of your children from the current school to the new one.
• Visit the new house and make a floor plan for your hired removalists in Melbourne to correctly set your belongings.
• Pack things you are donating and send/drop them at the right addresses
• Conduct a garage sale online or offline to sell things you don’t want but are in good condition

Things to do Three to Two Weeks before Moving

As the moving date draws closer, it becomes harder to remain calm and focused. However, when you have a checklist, you can get things done faster. Here are tasks you need to complete in the third and second week before moving out.

• Book removalists in Melbourne for packing and moving your belongings as per requirement.
• Speed up the packing process if you are not availing professional packing service in Melbourne. Additionally, book a moving truck in case you are planning a DIY move.
• Inform your loved ones and important professional contacts about the move.
• Dispose of inflammable and chemical products in your home safely and correctly. Most removalists in Melbourne have policies against moving explosive, caustic, and other dangerous goods.
• Make sure set up for utilities, internet, subscriptions, and other essential things is complete at the new home. This task is important because you need to start getting the services from day one of moving into the new real estate.
• Give away your plants to near or dear ones or arrange for your neighbours to take care of them. Moving plants can be a hassle, especially if you are moving long-distance, interstate, or internationally.
• Start consuming vegetables, fruits, and other eatables in your refrigerator and pantry to ensure they are used before the moving day.

Things to do One Week before Moving

The week before the moving day is among the most stressful and anxious time, but it is manageable with proper planning and timely execution of tasks. Here are things you need to take care of seven days before the moving day.

• Ensure you have parking for the moving truck or any other vehicles brought by professionals you’ve hired. If necessary, get a parking permit.
• Rent moving equipment for a DIY move. Additionally, disassemble heavy furniture for better handling and easier transportation.
• Pack an essential kit containing things you may need during the journey and on arrival at the new house.
• If necessary, arrange for your kids or pets to be under the care of a trusted person, a few days before moving.
• Be prepared for the moving day to make the process easier for the removalists.

After Moving Out

Once you have moved out of the rental property, there are things you need to do. Some of the most important ones are listed as follows.

• Ensure all your belongings are removed, and the property is empty when the end-of-lease cleaners arrive to deep clean it.
• Help the removalists to place your belongings correctly and safely in your new home.
• Talk to your previous landlord about the final inspection, your bond claim, and bond repayment.
• Make sure all formalities are complete at the new house and the previous one for a smooth tenancy.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a strenuous and challenging process that takes a toll mentally and physically. Therefore, you need a plan and streamline everything according to the checklist. By following this checklist for moving in 2021, you can ensure every necessary task is performed on time, and any unnecessary hassle can be avoided.